Success Stories

Successful fearhackers

“All negative emotions can be used as a reminder… Maintain a physiological posture that makes you feel empowered and dominant above all your fears”

Alice Merron

Digital Nomad, United KIngdom

“Take control of yourself (…) Decide what you want to do and nothing prevents you from achieving it: no fear, excuse, complaint…”

Guillermo Díaz Sánchez

Entrepeneur Spain

“Now I feel confident in myself, I feel the power of not reacting to something I don’t like. I feel inner peace”

Carolina Gambin

Creative Director Spain

“There is no wrong moment to do this session”

Cyrill D. D

Architect Switzerland

“What I am feeling now. I find it impressive, what I am going to say is that, today and since the last sessions that I have worked with you I feel that I am living the life of my dreams … It is being brutal, the feeling of freedom, that it exists ( …) yes, you can live in full freedom, taking advantage of every opportunity that arises, because we are able to transfer all this and also face that fear that paralyzes us and limits us and unloads us (…) to live like this is to live in capital letters, go for it guys!”

Berta Cuevas

‘’Since my sessions with Loto, my stage fright has disappeared and if he ever returns, I will accept him as part of me. Now I love myself with everything that I am and I love what is not so nice because I already take advantage of it, they are a “what for” in my process and it is really even fun. As a speaker, he dazzles the audience with that same strength, passion, eloquence, and honesty that makes you leave the event somehow transformed even within the span of just one conference.”

Carmen Granja Tous

‘’This is a great session to help to understand and explore in a space where somebody else help you to discover a potential fear’’

Alex Madi

“We are not really a body, we are something more than this, what happens is that many times we think that we are this bottle of water, and what we really are is what is inside … I have realized that when you expand you vibrate from love and help from love .”

Josefina Sánchez

‘’During the session, my heart was full of emotions. I think I’ve never felt so intense feelings with someone just talking about life. I felt that I wanted to cry many times because I needed to make all those feelings coming out of my body. All the questions were not easy to answer but I knew that I could find them deeply in my heart if I wanted to and I did, being honest with myself at all time. I felt good. I felt relived. I felt happy but scared to start this new life.”

Laetitia Manna

“Grateful to @lotovazquez for today’s inspiring workshop! After 10 years as a non-dual meditation monk, he realized that there were levels of satisfaction and freedom that he had not yet reached in life, and he set out to create a simple and embodied approach to burn his fears and fulfill his wishes. heart. Excited to apply this in daily life and feel the accelerated expansion. Thanks Loto!.”

Phil Reimer

“For me, the most valuable thing has been to be able to clearly visualize where my objectives, my dreams, my maximum achievement were, what I have truly come to do in this world and give myself a lot of movement, a lot of action to be able to develop it, to be able to achieve it.’’

David Ortiz

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