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Happiness is easy

“Loto is one of the happiest people I know, with one of the greatest passions for helping the world be happy too.” (Sandy C. Newbigging, bestselling author of Mind Calm) “In this great book, Loto Vazquez shows us that happiness is an inside job, is easier than we think, and what steps to take to be happier. Essential reading for anyone looking for more happiness in their life.” (Peter Cook, Author & CEO at Thought Leaders Global) “Happiness is Easy! is an invitation for us to understand that we are doomed to be happy and that there is a simple, real, possible and fun life to find that eternal desire of our heart.” (Wolfgang Hans Hoffman, author of the book Limiting Beliefs) “A beautiful quality of Lotus is its perseverance. In this case, perseverance in sharing a universal message with others.

Life Hacks 2020

I, along with another group of authors and experts, share with you our best Hacks or Keys, which we have discovered in combined decades of dedication, so that you have the maximum inspiration and advantage to Conquer your Purpose and the Life you Dream of. Especially useful in the decade that 2020 begins.

FearHacking Gym (Upcoming)

Conquer the fears that stop you, so ou can live now, the life of your dream! Coming Soon!

FearHacking Method (Upcoming)

Find your purpose and conquer the fears that stop you, so you can live now, the life of your dream! Coming soon!

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