My experience during the session was pleasant and I felt comfortable explaining what was going through my mind and how I felt, without any judgment. I was receptive and the atmosphere was pleasant and trustworthy.

After the session, my mind is clearer and it has been very easy for me to focus on what I want and to have a dialogue with myself that is really sincere and clear, something that has not happened for quite some time.

At the moment, the change that has impacted me the most and surprised and delighted has been discovering what was really hurting me without realizing and being able to see what is the real priority of my goals, which does not look anything like that I thought before the session or even a few hours after it. It took some hours of sleep and sitting without expectations so that the truth I had not seen was revealed.

In an environment of non-judgment and calm and enjoyment it is much easier to reach deep within oneself and discover the stories that we were telling ourselves and stop cheating and take real action to achieve what we really want.

I would recommend it to every person, of any age and vital philosophy, who was at a crossroads in which dissatisfaction would have made him decide to take a real step to face his life with affection. Because only when you are willing to accept the answer to the questions, be it the one you want or precisely the one you do not want, is when you are in the perfect moment to take a step towards yourself.