Meditation Teacher – Munich, Germany

Hello Loto, Thanks again for an incredible session. You have really expanded my experience of Happiness, a lot, and I am very excited about a bright, light, abundant and exciting future.

The second session made it very clear to me that the decision to do this Coaching was the best gift I could give myself. I am so sure I know that I can achieve my dreams and do it in the most joyful way.

And this is only possible, because I asked for help. I am no longer alone, which is a great relief. Since before my only help was my mind. And she is the worst possible helper. The mind is even the opposite. And do you know why? Because he can never know more than me. He has the same knowledge and experience as me. How could I then help me to move forward? Is not it funny that we think he can?

Something beautiful about what I realized about my desires is that I have been working on fulfilling them during the last years of my life, about most of them. So it is natural and logical to continue doing it for the rest of my life in a more efficient and cheerful way. Another great thing I learned is how important it is to keep everything “weightless” and exciting. So no matter what my plans are, they should feel that way. That’s something I definitely did completely wrong in the past. I used to make my plans so “heavy” that I could not even move. Now I can see that I had no chance of achieving anything with all the bad habits and strategies of my mind.
But now I am on a route where success is guaranteed, while I continue to walk with my highest wishes in my heart. So you have the choice: Do it alone and continue trying or get help (do the course) and start achieving.