Retired – Previous Profession: Computer Consultant / Analyst / Programmer. Harrison Township, Michigan. USA.


I just received my first session of CFF (Coaching for Easy Happiness) and I want to share my experience of it: I am surprised by the simplicity and clarity of this system. I felt that the coach was totally attentive to what I wanted to work, even though there was some confusion on my part. It helped me specify and refine what I wanted to work on. Then he gave me clear guidance on what I need to practice and play in order to reach my goal. Finally, he gave me simple and practical guidelines to reinforce what I learned in the session.


The CFF session really gave me the clarity and made it obvious that I was chasing the wrong problem. It is much easier to work when I see that a slight change in the way I see the problem makes a big difference in how easy it is to work on it.


I think the techniques they gave me can be applied to many different things that I see as problems, so I’m sure this coach has given me the power to deal with them if they arise in the future.