My life experience before this session was very happy, but at the same time, with a lot of potential and a sense of lack of focus.

During the session, the sensation was of progressive letting go and having a deeper and deeper sensation that everything is fine and of what it is easy to be more and more and enjoy more of being.

Afterwards, I feel much more focused and as if I had taken a lot of pressure off. Loto has helped me so much that there will be me, to put those parts that were blocking me out and it has been very refreshing. I have more hope in being able to give 200% and have the world return it to me.

I am left with the feeling that if it can be done and of what is also easy.

You would recommend this service to whoever is willing to look in a mirror in conscience and let it transform it, to whoever wants to take the part that touches him so that his life will be successful in achieving his wishes.