Hello Loto, Thanks again for an incredible session. You have really expanded my experience of Happiness, a lot, and I am very excited about a bright, light, abundant and exciting future.

The second session made it very clear to me that the decision to do this Coaching was the best gift I could give myself. I am so sure I know that I can achieve my dreams and do it in the most joyful way.

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Roman Hayn

Meditation Teacher, Munich, Alemania

I just received my first session of CFF (Coaching for Easy Happiness) and I want to share my experience of it: I am surprised by the simplicity and clarity of this system. I felt that the coach was totally attentive to what I wanted to work, even though there was some confusion on my part. It helped me specify and refine what I wanted to work on. Then he gave me clear guidance on what I need to practice and play in order to reach my goal. Finally, he gave…

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Robert Carter

Retired – Previous Profession: Computer Consultant / Analyst / Programmer., Harrison Township, Michigan EE.UU.

To know Loto was very easy, to describe the experience, it is more difficult. I can say that it is a being that has the desire, the mission and the power to transmit intellectual, emotional, affective energy and in all possible ways, that facilitate the understanding of our capacities, of our potential and help us to find ways to visualize and put all these elements into practice in real life. And he does it with great humor, intelligence..

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Fernando Darío Rodríguez

Singer, Guitarist, Painter, Labelist, Driver, Monitor, Father, Husband, Friend and Family., Alicante, España.

[…] This man is incredible, from the first moment he conveyed to me a feeling of peace, of tranquility, of understanding, in short, I have no words to describe it, this must be experienced.

For me to simply listen to you Loto transmits me Happiness, and for that I am sure that nobody better than you…

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Luis Emilio Rodriguez Fernandez

Network Marketing – Independent distributor, Tenerife (Islas Canarias)

Just meeting and sharing 10 days of vacation with Lotus was an experience that I will not forget. He has a tremendous capacity to transmit unconditional love with just his gaze, and if he gives you a hug, you melt. His words convey tranquility, peace and contact with the essence of each one. ..

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Itziar Irazusta

Antropologist.. Network Marketing., San Sebastián, España.

Loto with its single presence disarms me, quiet and peaceful returns me the most beautiful reflection of myself. The session was like fresh water, in a few minutes I was already experiencing joy in the now and joy with the certainty that everything is fine at this moment. Lightness and courage to go for my dreams with all the cells of my…

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Yelena Molina

Actress, Santiago de compostela. España.

Thank you for everything shared and above all for what we have sown that although we are far away for me every day grows and grows.


A precious embrace SER.

Rosa Maria Valeriano Hernandez

Rosa Maria Valeriano Hernandez

Independent Distributor, Tenerife, España

I contacted to Loto on Facebook and then I connected by Skipe. The fact that you take the time, despite the schedule, to talk with me and find a way to help me for me has a lot of value. In the CFF session I felt very comfortable and inspired a lot of confidence, I think it is the main …

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Faride Arcaya Polack

Administrative Assistant, Lima, Perú.

Thank you […] for sharing the other day with all of us. I have been coming to mind different moments of the seminar in specific situations, and I …

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Rosa María Casanovas

Hay Teacher, Tarragona, España.

Meeting Loto is one of those BEAUTIFUL encounters that life gives you. She is one of those people that you have in your heart since you know her. His teaching and his way of transmitting it is like him: deep…

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Susana Muñoz Cuenca

Sociologa, Office Manager en Funwood Media., Madrid, España.

Today I started with the “most uncomfortable”.

Do not let me be seduced by my “comfort zone”. I feel strong, empowered, great … I have grown and I can dance ??

And how are you doing ?

María Jesús Simón

Chef, nutricionista y formadora

The session was with Loto. Anyone who knows him will know that he is a person who transmits good vibrations and that he is a good example and a good inspiration in this process of “search for happiness”.

The ideas he briefly …

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Manuel Vázquez

My life experience before the session with Loto was quiet, although I had some discomfort before the session itself, before the possibility of exposing myself.

During the session I was excited because I felt how fear paralyzes me; I have been fully aware of how I am paralyzed by the possibility of doing something …

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Fireman. Petrel, Alicante

I can assure you that, at this moment, after almost three months of the sessions, all this does not worry me at all. Instead of obsessing with this issue, I have found help and solutions. I’m renting a room or the whole house this summer, to traveler who come to the city. It has been rented almost every day…

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Rosa Aparicio

Primary school teacher, Tarragona, España.

The sessions have been inspiring, with a lot of compassion towards my past, towards my state of my current process and of a lot of love. Now my life is being very clear, it is easier for me to connect to what I really feel that I have to focus on every day…

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Edu Torres

Community Manager, Londres, Reino Unido

My life experience before this session was very happy, but at the same time, with a lot of potential and a sense of lack of focus.

During the session, the sensation was of progressive letting go and having a deeper and deeper sensation that everything is fine and of what it is easy to be more and more and enjoy more of being…

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Mariano Romero

Social educator, Elche, Alicante

My life before this session with Loto was great, but I expected or rather wanted to experience a change. During the session, everything was fantastic, very inspired, present and alive. Now I enjoy more confidence and happiness, although I think there would be a big difference if we had done more than one session 🙂

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María Linghult,

Consultant and Traveler , Suecia

My experience during the session was pleasant and I felt comfortable explaining what was going through my mind and how I felt, without any judgment. I was receptive and the atmosphere was pleasant and trustworthy.

After the session, my mind is clearer and it has been very easy for me to focus on what I was receptive…

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Sarah Juan

Professor of alternative therapies, Navarra, España.

Antes de las sesiones con Loto, mi experiencia vital era muy buena en muchas áreas, pero sabía que estaba reteniendo mi creatividad.

Encontré que Loto era muy auténtico, profesional y cariñoso y fue capaz de convencerme de algunas de las…

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Micci Gorrod

Profesora de meditación y fundadora de "The Conscious Creative" , Londres, Reino Unido.

Mi felicidad, antes de estas sesiones, dependía del éxito que tuviera en los distintos ámbitos de mi vida. Tenía muchos altos y bajos,  me frustraba si las cosas no salían cómo había planeado y me llenaba de euforia cuando salían como previsto o cuando encontraba un nuevo amor,  trabajo, …

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María Giro

Agricultora y educadora social, Aulàs (Lérida)

Mi experiencia de vida antes de esta sesión era en general buena, pero durante la sesión sentí que mejoraba bastante. Después de la sesión, experimenté un cambio muy positivo sobre todo por haber notado una mayor motivación en mí mismo.

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Thomas Banhsen

Key Account Manager, Oslo, Noruega

La verdad es que en un principio no me parecieron nada del otro mundo Los 5 Pasos que me enseñaste para deshacerme de mi pánico escénico.

No puedo juzgar porque no practicaba los “deberes” que me aconsejabas semanalmente, pero yo te escuchaba…

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Terapeuta y Directora de Centro Holístico

Después de un tiempo, al releer las notas de mis sesiones y siendo consciente, escuchando mi ser, y al convertirme en observadora de los acontecimientos de mi vida, he encontrado un tesoro en mí. También he observado que mis familiares me trataban de una manera diferente..

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Sandra Sala

Empresaria, Propietaria y Directora de Stillvins.com.

“Comencé algo reacio, ¿como que alguien me va a ayudar a ser más feliz? Sí yo soy un machote. Tras la primera sesión ya comprobaba que mi estado de animo, enfoque y felicidad habían sido transformados. Sí en una sola sesión..

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Raúl Cacho

Wellness Marketing Coach www.raulcacho.com